Corrie: Killer Phelan to jilt Eileen at the altar

Will Phelan leave bride Eileen waiting while he kills Andy?

Coronation Street fans have been screaming at their TV’s for some time for Eileen Grimshaw to ditch evil Pat Phelan, but could it be the other way round when it looks like he’s jilted her at the altar?

In seventeen years on the show, Eileen’s been engaged before but never actually made it down the aisle, which is pretty impressive for such a long stint on a soap.

But this time, with quite possibly the worst of her endless list of romances, Eileen is determined to say I do.

However, as she waits at the registry office, Phelan’s nowhere to be seen – has he got cold feet?

After a turbulent few months, Eileen finally thinks their relationship is back on track, but she has no idea Phelan’s actually turning darker than ever.

Eileen’s decided on a low-key wedding, aware it won’t look good to go to town after so many people lost their money due to his property scam.

It’s hard for Todd to get behind the idea of his mum marrying criminal Phelan, but just when we think he might be the one to save her, he gets behind the union, aware his own reputation is at stake if Phelan gets found out.

Eileen gets all dressed up in her wedding dress and she’s opted for non-traditional black and purple instead of white, we wonder if that’s a symbol of things to come?

Meanwhile, despite being suited and booted and ready to get married, Phelan just has the little problem of Andy to sort out.

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Actor Oliver Farnworth, who’s played Andy for the past two years, revealed on Lorraine recently, that all of Phelan’s plotting and blackmail has Andy backed into a corner and doing his dark deeds for him.

“Phelan’s using Andy as his puppet now, to exact the revenge that he wants on Kevin,” Oliver told the host.

In a dramatic plot, Phelan orders Andy to burn down Kevin’s garage in return for Steph’s safety.

But in a new twist Andy turns the tables and tries his hand at a spot of blackmail. Revealing he has the CCTV footage from Kevin’s garage incriminating Pat in the building scam last year, Andy hopes to get the better of his nemesis, but will his gutsy move pay off?

Nope! Phelan’s not frightened of the wimpy waiter and pins him against a wall making it known who’s boss.

As the pair clash, over at the registry office Eileen’s waiting impatiently for her groom to turn up, will he make it?

Could Andy be the one to get the better of Phelan and kill him on his wedding day? Or will Phelan finish Andy off before rushing to the ceremony and getting hitched?

We fear for Eileen’s safety if the wedding does go ahead!