Corrie makes cheeky dig at EastEnders

Has no one learned anything from Ronnie's tragedy?

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It was the moment in Coronation Street we’ve been waiting for ever since Aidan Connor first hooked up with Maria – the showdown between her and his scorned girlfriend, Eva Price.

Eva and Maria scrapped in the fountain (Credit: ITV)

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No other soap does a cat-fight quite like Corrie, and this was everything we dreamed of. Hair was pulled, onlookers placed bets and, er, shade was slyly thrown at its long-term rival.

The moment came when Maria and Eva were scrapping in the fountain, following Maria’s shock revelation that Eva was faking her pregnancy.

A furious Eva charged at her love rival, sending her flying into the water feature. Eva leaped in after her, still fully dressed in her wedding finery.

Eva was still in her wedding dress (Credit: ITV)

A crowd of guests gathered round to watch the two battle it out. At this point, Fiz said: “That dress is going to soak up a lot of water.”

Luke the Mechanic added: “It looks very absorbent.”

And then Tyrone came in with: “Lesson for us all there.”

See? Shade was flying around everywhere for this was clearly (to us anyway) a thinly-veiled dig at EastEnders’ New Year’s episodes where Ronnie Mitchell drowned in her wedding dress.

Ronnie infamously jumped into a hotel pool to rescue her sister, Roxy, who had dived in and not come back up.

The tragic bride then couldn’t get herself back out because her heavy gown was too water-logged and she met a watery end on her wedding day.

Ronnie was dragged down by her water-logged dress (Credit: BBC)

The scenes in ‘Enders were received with mixed reviews. Lots of fans were angry that the legendary Mitchell sisters had been killed off like this, and others were just furious that they’d been killed off at all.

We weren’t the only ones to spot the low key reference either. Fans took to Twitter to point it out.

Corrie made history tonight by launching it’s first week of six shows a week. From now on, fans will be able to watch two episodes a night on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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You know, as long as there’s no major sporting events on etc.

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