Corrie fans worried unhinged Daniel will now KILL Ken this week

Has he murdered before?

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Shame on any of us who thought the ‘who attacked Ken?’ storyline was dragging its heels a bit.

Because Corrie well and truly turned up the drama to 11 last night!

Days after viewers were let in on the secret that Daniel had pushed his old man down the stairs after whacking him with a tome, Barlow Sr. twigged.

He’d gone out into the garden of his son’s old home to investigate how to transport the yellow rose bush that was blooming so beautifully.

But as he dug about, he discovered his former mistress Denise’s jewellery box – packed with pills and personal effects.

Challenging Daniel about his mum’s whereabouts – any where her possessions were buried like treasure in the back garden – Ken was then quick to work out that his increasingly agitated son was the real culprit behind his attack.

Has Denise faced a fate even worse? All Daniel would say is that she’d “gone away”, which could mean anything!

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The bookish brute then proceeded to barricade Ken in his pokey property – trapped within four walls of freshly painted magnolia woodchip (a fate worse than death in itself!) – warning that they were going to sort things once and for all.

Viewers – who had just watched Daniel open up a wound on his thumb to make it bleed even more than it already was – are now convinced there are no limits to his depravity.

They fear he could MURDER his own father…

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One Twitterer wrote: “Ken, you is in danger.” [sic]

Another echoed that fear, posting: “Sorry, but Ken’s time is up.”

Tune into Corrie tonight at 9pm on ITV to find out what Daniel has planned…