Corrie fans in tears over Mary’s ‘departure’ story

Street fave was preparing to move to South Africa with long-lost son

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If EastEnders and Sherlock ensured that 2017 kicked off as gloomy as gloomy can be, viewers were forced to shed even more tears watching Coronation Street.

But this time, they were tears of joy.

Why? Because sweet, lovely Mary made a decision that was heartbreaking as well as it was heart warming.

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In recent weeks, viewers had been saddened to hear that the character was set to leave Weatherfield for a new life in South Africa to live with the long lost son she’d only been reunited with.

Jude, viewers discovered, Jude had been the result of a rape ordeal Mary had endured as a teenager.

Although she had done the rounds of the street to bid her fond farewell, including Dev Alahan and Norris and actually jumping into that taxi that those leaving Weatherfield always seem to use, Mary just couldn’t leave everyone behind.

In scenes that tugged at the heart strings, Mary turned up at Norris’s house and told him that she was unable to start a new life in South Africa.

“I couldn’t go through with it,” she said, sobbing, adding, “This is my home. Everyone I love is here. How could I leave?”

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Emotional fans were quick to respond on Twitter saying how moved they were by the final scene.

“#corrie Norris and Mary melted my wee heart #bestfriends #coronationstreet,” wrote one.

While Gilly McGuire added: “Yippee Mary’s not going!! Ridiculously happy right now #coronationstreet #itv.”

Other fans Tweeted:

While another fan, Craig Thurston, said he’d like to Norris and Mary get it on!