Corrie fans call for Bethany plot to end

But some think it's an important issue to cover

Coronation Street viewers are desperate for Bethany Platt to get away from evil groomer Nathan Curtis and have called for the storyline to come to an end.

But other fans have come out in defence of the plot, insisting it’s a truthful and important story to tell.

After Bethany was forced into sleeping with Nathan’s friend Neil on Friday night’s episode, she woke up confused and upset in last night’s outing.

Neil led Bethany to the bedroom despite her signalling to Nathan she wasn’t happy (Credit: ITV)

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Nathan was thrilled with her though, explaining Neil had said he could forget about paying him back, and Bethany seemed even more overwhelmed as she asked him whether he minded what had happened.

He dismissed her and she decided to go home to seek solace in her mum, Sarah.

Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t quite make Bethany feel like she could open up, and the teen left without confiding in her what had happened.

Bethany sought comfort in Mary (Credit: ITV)

She ended up chatting to Mary in the florist and many viewers called out for Mary to rescue her, but just as she was about to open up, Nathan arrived, pretending he was there to buy her flowers and was shocked to see her.

Nathan took a terrified Bethany home (Credit: ITV)

He took her home where he made her feel small and worthless and told her she was just a child.

As a sobbing Bethany was left alone in the bedroom, feeling like everything was her fault, but not really sure why, fans went on Twitter to beg show bosses to end the storyline.

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Although many people can’t bear to watch, others have congratulated the show for tackling such an important issue, and heaped praise on actress Lucy Fallon for her portrayal of abused Bethany.

Lucy has revealed that this experience is set to change Bethany forever. Speaking to the Mirror, she explained:

“I think it has to. It wouldn’t be realistic if it didn’t.”

She also assured fans that Bethany will be “okay in the long run” and that producer Kate Oates has plans to make her a “successful businesswoman because she’s so smart”.