Corrie co-stars Catherine Tyldesley and Faye Brookes get a surprise at the gym

It seems that great minds think alike when it comes to gym wear!

Catherine Tyldesley got a surprise when she arrived for her regular gym workout only to find Coronation Street co-star Faye Brookes was also there – in a practically identical outfit!

The actress, best known for playing Eva Price, shared a funny picture to Instagram showing that she and Faye – aka Kate Connor – had both chosen to wear hot pink vests and dark leggings.

Cath added the caption: “When you rock up to the gym dressed in the same outfit as your #spiritsista #telepathicchicks love you @faye_brookes #littlemisssunshine #newAbba.”

Faye posted the same photo to her own Instagram with the caption: “When you walk into the gym & you’re matching.”

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After taking their funny picture, the two girls parted ways, with Catherine getting down to work with her personal trainer for yet another gruelling session.

As part of the session, her PT stood on a trolley so Catherine could drag him across the gym floor and build her strength.

Catherine, 33, frequently shares updates from the gym to her 211,000 social media followers.

She’s been open in the past about struggling with her weight as a youth, reaching a size 22 and 15-stone at her heaviest when she was 18 years old.

After embracing a new healthy eating and exercise regime, she’s now a size 8-10 – but recently revealed she keeps a picture of her at size 22 in her bag at all times to remind her of how far she has come.

The actress told Best magazine: “I actually keep a picture from when I was big on my phone to remind myself just how far I’ve come.

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“When I look at pictures of myself from that time, it doesn’t look like me.

“I was a different person.”

She added: “In terms of body shape, I’m the smallest I’ve ever been.

“I have a new trainer at my gym and he’s so mean I call him Evil Steve. He really pushes me.”

“I’m very proud, but I’ve still got body issues, like my stretch marks and my stomach,” she added.

“Compared to what I was when I was a teen, I’ve got nothing to complain about. I can walk and talk, I’ve got all my limbs, I’m healthy… so at the end of the day, what’s a stretch mark?”

Catherine and husband Tom Pitfield welcomed son Alfie in 2015 but Cath chose not to push herself and snap back into shape overnight.

Instead she told Fit & Well magazine that she lost her baby weight gradually through sensible eating and exercise.

“After I had Alfie, I wondered how my body would settle, but gradually and sensibly I’ve got back to where I want to be,” she said.

“I definitely push myself harder in the gym.”