Coronavirus UK: Brits warned to stop panic-buying as there is enough food

Be responsible

Brits have been warned to stop panic-buying and told to calm down as there is enough food to go around in the coronavirus crisis.

George Eustice, who is the government’s Environment, Food and Rural Affairs secretary, issued the warning in today’s public briefing about the coronavirus outbreak.

George Eustace
George Eustice has issued the stark warning as supermarkets have seen their shelves emptied on a daily basis (Credit: Splash News)

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The MP said that people should “be responsible” and that everyone was needed to “play their part” and ensure the spread of the virus is kept to a minimum.

Toilet roll was one of the first items shoppers stockpiled, leaving many baffled (Credit: Splash News)

Many supermarkets have been ransacked by shoppers keen to stock up on essentials such as toilet roll, bread and pasta.

But this has left shelves empty for those who did not get in first, leading to concerns that older people and key workers such as nurses will be left without supplies.

George Eustice reminded people that they should think of NHS workers before filling up the boot of their cars.

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“Your actions will save somebody’s life,” he said.

Booze is the latest item shoppers have been keen to stockpile, according to reports (Credit: Splash News)

He said: “We recognise that this is a challenging time and there are many things the Government is asking the nation to do differently as we work together to fight this pandemic.

“Be responsible when you shop and think of others.

“Buying more than you need means others may be left without.”

NHS England national medical director Stephen Powis, speaking at the same briefing, said panic buyers are depriving NHS staff. He added: “Frankly we should all be ashamed.

“I would like to make a plea on behalf of all my colleagues in the NHS, nurses, doctors, paramedics and many, many others who are working incredibly hard at the moment to manage this outbreak of coronavirus.

Buying more than you need means others may be left without.

“It’s incredibly important that they too have access to food, to those essential supplies that they need.”

The daily briefings have given out advice and announced new measures, including the closure of venues such as pubs and restaurants, and the payment of 80 per cent of the wages of those who cannot work because of the crisis.

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