Coronavirus: Scientist claims normal life won’t resume until 2021

It could take over 12 months to create a coronavirus vaccine

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An expert in pandemic preparedness has warned the US that normal life won’t resume until 2021 due to coronavirus.

Dr Ali Nouri has claimed people may not be going back to their daily routines until a vaccine has been created.

This may take over twelve months to achieve.

He also claimed that the “unprecedented” virus could resurge in several waves.

A coronavirus vaccine is thought to be over a year away (Credit:

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The virology expert told MailOnline he experts lockdown to continue until the end of May at the earliest.

“There’s not going to be a time when there is a magic date and then everybody goes back to their lives as normal,” he said.

This virus has the potential to really flare up again.

He went on to warn that would not happen for a “long time”.

The President of the Federation of American Scientists also warned Americans the US is not close to ‘flattening the curve’.

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He highlighted that Wuhan in China is only just seeing restrictions lifted after nearly three months under lockdown.

Residents are being urged to stay indoors despite having been under strict quarantine measures.

Dr Nouri said: “That really tells you that this virus has the potential to really flare up again, even in places that have flattened the curve.”

’10 times more lethal than flu’

He said what makes coronavirus particularly dangerous is the fact it is very contagious and 10 times more lethal than flu.

The UK, as well as the US, Italy, Spain, France and Iran have all suffered more deaths than China’s official death toll.

Dr Nouri also said America needs to have far more widespread testing to tackle coronavirus.

Tests will determine who has the virus and who has subsequently become immune. 

‘More testing needed’

He called for more diagnostic testing to ensure scientists could understand the “dynamics” of coronavirus infection.

He said: “The really challenging part of this is that the virus can be passed on asymptomatically. As high as 25% of infections turn out to be coming from people who don’t even know that they themselves are infected.”

The highly-qualified scientist also indicated the White House was at fault for not ensuring all states are as equally stringent.

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