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Sunday 29th March 2020

Coronavirus: UK self-employed will reportedly have to wait until May for rescue cash

No rescue cash for eight weeks?

As the UK coronavirus lockdown continues, millions of self-employed Brits might have to wait until May before getting the emergency cash they need from the government.

Later today (Thursday, March 26), Rishi Sunak will reportedly reveal that rescue cash won't able available for the self-employed for at least eight weeks.

That's according to The Sun, which reported that the Chancellor will also be targeting low and middle earners with its emergency financial help, to prioritise those most in need.

Rishi Sunak could announce self-employed people will have to wait until May for rescue cash (Credit:

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The government's long-awaited support package for the self-employed will reportedly have a c.£30,000 cap.

A lack of parity in financial support

This means taxi drivers, cleaners and workers in other middle- and low-income roles will be covered. But higher earning professionals like lawyers could find themselves out of pocket.

Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday (March 25), Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wanted to achieve "parity" in the support offered to the employed and the self-employed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants "parity" in the financial support for employed and self-employed people (Credit:

But a Downing Street insider told The Sun: "No matter how we do this, there will be people who fall through the gap. What matters most is we get money to those who need it the most as quickly as we can."

The government is asking the UK's estimated five million self-employed to go on Universal Credit for now. Universal Credit pays £94 a week.

There will be people who fall through the gap.

It follows a comprehensive package of support for employed people announced last week.

Support already in place for employed workers

The UK government committed to paying 80 per cent of wages for employees not working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shops all over the country have had to close, although supermarkets are still open (Credit: WP Pix /

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The "unprecedented" measures are part of a strategy to protect people's jobs and safeguard the economy. They will see the state paying grants to companies if they keep their workers on the payroll.

Financial experts revealed hopes the bold measure will save hundreds of thousands of jobs in the UK.

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