Boris Johnson UK lockdown

UK lockdown explained as the government introduces latest coronavirus measures

Brits say Boris Johnson's UK lockdown measures aren't enough

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been slammed for not making his UK lockdown rules stricter.

Brits in their droves took to social media as the new measures were announced on TV last night (March 23).

Many have said the UK lockdown measures the government has introduced are too weak and “should have been done sooner”.

Boris Johnson UK lockdown
The Prime Minister addressed the nation last night but his UK lockdown has been deemed to weak (Credit: BBC)

In his address to the nation, Boris declared the drastic measures were necessary to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

The PM stated: “You must stay at home.”

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The new measures will see the closure of all shops aside from supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies. Playgrounds, churches and libraries will also shut down.

All ceremonies – including weddings and baptisms – have been halted. Funerals will go ahead but they will be limited to close family only.

Boris said it is “vital” that the new guidelines are followed to stop the spread of the disease and help give the NHS the ability to cope during the pandemic.

UK lockdown
Brits are allowed out to get essential supplies from the supermarket (Credit: Cover Images)

He stated that Brits are now only allowed out for four reasons.

“Shopping, one hour of exercise a day, any medical need or to provide care to elderly and travel to and from work where absolutely necessary,” he said.

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He added: “These are the only reasons you should be leaving home.”

“Nothing will change”

However, Brits have said the new UK lockdown measures aren’t enough – and the country should be put into total lockdown.

Shame on you Boris! Unless there is official lockdown nothing will change.

One ED! reader said: “This would have been more effective if he actually said the word ‘lockdown’. I thought he could have been a LOT clearer and shown a lot more force, especially towards those who totally ignored the social distancing advice this past couple of days.”

“What a load of rubbish, does he think this is anything different than the weekend? He should do total lockdown. Boris, you need to grow a pair,” said another.

“Not enough!!! He’s still trying to be Mr Nice. It worked in Spain. Total lockdown,” another demanded.

Another added: “Not strong enough. We needed total lockdown.”

“Just give us a complete lockdown. Won’t hurt us all to stay this in for a while to get rid of this coronavirus,” said another.

“He’s done his best”

Others were on the PM’s side and praised his speech.

One Brit said: “Well said Boris. The quicker we listen, the quicker we will all get through this.”

“He’s done his best – it’s because of idiots going out it’s come to this,” another stated.

Over the weekend, the UK’s parks and beaches were full of people soaking up the early spring sunshine, with many not respecting the government’s social distancing measures.

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