Coronavirus: Londoners travel on packed trains despite warnings to social distance

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The morning commute was like any other day today (Monday, March 23) on trains in London amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With services reduced to try and encourage people to stay away, platforms were still packed and tubes full to bursting with people all trying to get into work.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the government have been advising people to work from home and to only use public transport if their job was critical.

London Tube packed amid coronavirus
The London Tube was packed on Monday morning (March 23) (Credit: BBC News)

However, people still continued to fight their way in amid the coronavirus chaos.

It seems key workers were so incensed at not being able to feel “safe” on their journey into work, they took to Twitter to express their concerns.

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One person said: “Transport for London the underground is rammed, social distancing is impossible.

“We need more tubes for essential front line worker to stay safe on their journey to work.”

We need more tubes for essential front line workers to feel safe.

And another, who seemed to have no other choice because of her job, wrote: “Social distancing they said! Reduce London Underground they said!

“Stay at home they said! But while firms are staying open and you have to take the tube which is just as packed as a normal day, less trains and less frequent what chance do we have!!!

“Lock us down now Boris Johnson.”

People have urged Boris Johnson to lockdown the UK (Credit:

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And third said: “Very hard to practice social distancing on the bus this morning.

“Now on the tube (delayed school start) and it’s busy. 2m distance? Not going to happen. People chatting away merrily. Not sure everyone travelling is a key worker.”

Meanwhile, yesterday (March 22), Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Brits that they need to keep six feet apart or Government would consider putting the country on a total lockdown.

The Prime Minister said: “I don’t think you need to use your imagination very much to see where we might have to go, and we will think about this very very actively in the next 24 hours.”

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