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Saturday 30th May 2020

Top 10 things we can't wait to do when lockdown ends

What are you missing most in the coronavirus lockdown?

We're into our third week of coronavirus lockdown in the UK and all missing those simple pleasures we took for granted before the pandemic struck.

Thinking of what we'll do when we're finally on the other side is one way to pass the time in lockdown.

Top 10 things we can't wait to do after lockdown ends

1. See our family and friends

We know there's House Party, Skype and the good old traditional telephone but nothing beats a catch-up with your family and friends in person, does it?

Pictures of people holding their newborn baby up to the window to meet grandparents and waving at loved ones from across the street are breaking our hearts.

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Locked down but not forgotten! Happy Mother’s Day her! ❤️

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2. Hug

Those of us who live with family, friends or a partner can still enjoy a hug when we're feeling down but spare a thought for all of the single isolators craving physical contact.

Not hugging our nearest and dearest when we see them is the strangest thing ever - and we can't wait to give every one of them a big squeeze.

3. Go to the pub

Never have we craved a large Pinot down the local so much before. And a virtual pub quiz just really isn't the same.

4. Eat in a restaurant

We've embraced baking and trying out new recipes depending on what we can find in the supermarket but we can't wait to eat in a nice restaurant and let someone else do the hard work.

And, to be really honest, we can't wait to go to McDonald's.