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Coronavirus: Govt considers making gloves mandatory as Brits ask ‘where do we stop?’

The next step against coronavirus?

Brits may soon be forced to wear gloves to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

This news comes just a day after PM Boris Johnson made it mandatory for the British public to wear masks in shops.

During a debate at the House of Lords on Friday, Lord Bethell said ‘gloves are an area we are looking at’.

Tory Baroness McIntosh of Pickering asked: “Has the Government formed a view on the use of gloves?

“Obviously we’re all following the guidance of washing our hands but surely the correct use of gloves outdoors and indoors could prevent the passing on of the virus?”

To which Lord Bethell replied: “Thank you very much indeed for reminding us of the profound and positive impact of these regulations, something that is sometimes overlooked.

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Could glove wearing soon be part of the ‘new normal’? (Credit

Will gloves become mandatory due to coronavirus?

“To date, gloves are not in the guidance but they remain an area that we’re looking at.”

Although glove wearing is not yet mandatory, the prospect has already rattled some Brits’ feathers.

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Over on Twitter, disgruntled users have asked where the UK will ‘draw the line’.

One user tweeted: “Next, wearing gloves? Where do you draw the line? Wouldn’t mind, if there was modicum of science behind this instruction. Simply a visual ‘nudge’ reminder to population that coronavirus is around, with resultant cautious approach. Masks won’t stop anybody actually catching COVID-19.”

Another argued: “Gloves are worse as you could wear a pair for hours, touching multiple things and potentially be a super spreader. If not wearing gloves, you’re more likely to wash your hands more frequently.”

“I used to think the led by Donkeys movement were cranks now I’m not so sure.”

Another dismayed user shared: “One, they’re no longer calling it COVID-19, it’s now back to coronavirus.

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“Two, mandatory gloves now being considered, no surprise to those of us with a brain and a bit of foresight. They’ll keep going until we’re all wearing butt plugs to stop our farts spreading the [coronavirus].”

And yet another tweeted: “Wearing gloves is ridiculous. Unless you change them after every interaction, all they do is collect viruses and bacteria. What Womble is advising the Govt?”

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Brits already have to wear face masks in shops (Credit

Which is better: Washing hands or wearing gloves?

Currently, The World Health Organisation advises against glove wearing to fend off COVID-19.

An official pamphlet advises: “Regularly washing your bare hands offers more protection against catching COVID-19 than wearing rubber gloves.

“You can still pick up COVID-19 contamination on rubber gloves.

“If you then touch your face, the contamination goes from your glove to your face and can infect you.”

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