Coronavirus: Energy firms warn Brits in lockdown could face blackouts

Coronavirus: Energy firms warn Brits in lockdown could face blackouts

What to do in a power cut

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Energy bosses are advising households in Britain on what to do in the event of blackouts during the coronavirus pandemic.

UK Power Networks, which runs cables across the South and East of  England, has reportedly written to vulnerable customers telling them how to stay safe in a power cut.

Coronavirus: Energy firms warn Brits in lockdown could face blackouts
Energy firms are warning that blackouts could hit the UK during the coronavirus lockdown (Credit: Pixabay)

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In the letter, seen by the Telegraph, the organisation is said to have told customers on its Priority Services Register to avoid opening their fridges and freezers if the power goes.

Keep a torch handy

Keeping them shut, it said, will help food and medicine stay cold for several hours.

It also advised households on the register to “keep a torch handy”.

Coronavirus: Energy firms warn Brits in lockdown could face blackouts
Vulnerable customers should keep a torch handy (Credit: Pixabay)

It comes as Britain’s electricity networks have put their emergency pandemic strategies into action. All non-essential work on the networks is on hold.

And with many people now working from home, Brits are much more reliant on home electricity.

Wrap up warm if the power goes

UK Power Networks’s letter read: “It’s especially important to keep warm if you are unwell, less mobile or very young. Dress warmly in several layers and have a hat, gloves and a blanket to hand so that you can keep warm.

“You can also reduce heat loss by closing doors on unused rooms and by closing curtains.”

Dress warmly in several layers.

The letter also told vulnerable customers to try using a corded phone in a blackout rather than cordless, as the latter wouldn’t work.

The Priority Services Register includes people with disabilities, those living with chronic illnesses, families with children under five and pensioners.

A spokesperson for UK Power Networks said: “We regularly contact customers on our Priority Services Register, to ensure we meet their needs and it’s never more important than in the current circumstances. This is to ensure we continue to provide them with the best possible support.

“We are continuing to fix power cuts and maintain the electricity network to ensure its continued reliability. Across our networks, power supplies are 99.9 per cent reliable, and our dedicated teams are keeping the power flowing.

“We will continue to provide the best possible service to all the homes and businesses we serve, and take particular care of any customers living in vulnerable circumstances. People living in vulnerable circumstances are eligible for free extra help in a power cut, if they join our Priority Service Register.

It follows reports Britain’s supermarkets have been telling parents not to bring their kids when they go shopping for essentials.

Shelves at a Tesco shop during the coronavirus pandemic
Shoppers are reportedly being told not to bring their kids into supermarkets during the coronavirus lockdown (Credit: Dean /

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Shoppers slammed Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Aldi for allegedly ‘banning’ them from taking their children into stores during the coronavirus pandemic.

Furious parents took to social media to share their experiences of shopping in store.

Some claimed to have been turned away, while another was apparently forced to leave her four kids at the entrance while she picked up her shopping.

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