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Coronavirus crisis: Boris Johnson faces calls to step down as Prime Minister

Some want him out

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing calls to step down amid criticism of the UK Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

On Thursday (March 12), the PM announced that the UK was shifting from the ‘contain’ phase of its strategy to the ‘delay’ phase, as the death toll from the deadly bug continues to climb.

And despite other virus-hit countries going into full lockdown or putting strict measures in place like bans on large gatherings or closing schools and colleges, the UK is yet to follow suit.

Other countries have seen stricter measures against the bug (Credit: Ben Weller/AFLO /

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Boris confirmed yesterday that the UK’s schools would remain open, as the number of coronavirus cases climbed to 596 and the death toll hit 10.

Now, a raft of Twitter users have rushed to slam the PM and call for him to quit, with the hashtag #BorisOut trending on Friday (March 13) morning.

One said: “I am not a fan of Jeremy Hunt, but his criticism of this govt’s policies on Covid-19 is spot on. You can see his concern on his face. He must feel strongly about this in order to speak up against his ‘leader’. Please keep this pressure up, Jeremy.”

Boris Johnson
Boris has come under fire for the Government’s response to the outbreak (Credit:

Another wrote: “It is time for @WHO to name and shame this utterly callous shower of government. The virus could have been contained in the UK, but Boris put money before lives. There’s still time to make a difference. #BorisOut.”

A third tweeted: “#borisout, why is the UK the only country that seems to want to cull the elderly and weak, the country is going nuts over our government’s pathetic response compared to other countries. Do we live under some sort of dictatorship? Will this government ever do what its people want?”

Many old and vulnerable people are going to die because of this.

Someone else said: “#BorisOut I have no faith in a Brexit govt that can’t even take adequate health precautions for their own members. Covid-19 is serious and #LiarJohnson still treats it like a joke. This govt policies are inadequate. The worst PM we have had in history.”

A fifth wrote: “The fact Boris Johnson wants coronavirus to spread through England while every other country is shutting down schools etc. is sickening. Many old and vulnerable people are going to die because of this. I hate this country #BorisOut.”

Not all were against the PM though, as some Twitter users rushing to defend him.

“We all [love] you Boris, you’re the best, thank goodness we don’t have Corbyn briefing us,” tweeted one supporter.

“Thank god it’s you who’s taken charge and not the bitter old leader of the opposition on the other side of the house,” another told him. “We trust you! We trust the NHS! We trust our great country!”

ED! contacted the Prime Minister’s office for comment.

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Health experts are warning that the UK is on the same course in the outbreak as Italy, which has been hit worse than any other country outside China.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Dr Hilary said the UK Government should have put a ban on large gatherings in place weeks ago – and claimed Britain could face a mass lockdown as a result of the escalating outbreak.

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