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Coronavirus crisis: Britain’s beloved pubs could close under Government’s new ‘delay’ measures

Not just the big gatherings

Britain’s pubs might have close in the coming weeks as the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow, according to health experts.

Dr David Nabarro, a special envoy on coronavirus with the World Health Organization, has said the UK Government will be considering restrictions on various kinds of gathering to help stop the spread of the flu-like bug.

Dr David Nabarro
(Credit: WHO / YouTube)

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He told BBC radio 4’s Today programme, as reported by The Guardian: “We need to recognise that it is advancing and the focus now needs to move to delay. In order to do that, it is really important to try and take the heat out of transmission, and that means helping people to stay further away from each other and reduce the risk they get infected.”

Speaking further, David pointed out that it’s not just big events that face being cancelled or forced to close their doors.

Places like community halls, religious spaces and even venues like pubs might even have to shut down.

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He explained: “Very importantly, if you have symptoms that suggest you might have Covid, you absolutely must not be in contact with others. You are trying to reduce the spread.

“Then you look at large events. But it is not just the big events. I want to stress it is also gatherings in community halls, in religious spaces and services, and also in pubs and the like. It will be that sort of gathering that the Government will look at, as well as of course the big events.”

It will be that sort of gathering that the Government will look at.

Dr. David Nabarro’s warning comes amid reports Boris Johnson is holding emergency talks today (March 9 2020), following the UK’s third death from coronavirus. As of Monday morning, the number of cases in the UK had risen to 273.

Over in Europe the virus likewise continues to spread, with Italy – the worst hit country on the continent and the worst globally, after China – having seen 366 deaths since the outbreak began.

Coronavirus in Italy
The bug has killed hundreds in Italy (Credit: Newscom/Cover Images)

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And French media are reporting that an employee at Disneyland Paris has contracted coronavirus.

A maintenance worker reportedly tested positive for the deadly bug over the weekend, leading the park – which will remain open – to order three other workers into isolation.

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