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Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson writes to every household in the UK

He's sending a letter to 28m homes

This week Boris Johnson plans to send a letter to each of the 28 million households in the UK.

In it, the Prime Minister will pledge to help them fight coronavirus - and do "whatever it takes to help them make ends meet."

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The Prime Minister has himself tested positive for coronavirus (Credit: Splash News)

Life has changed dramatically

"In just a few short weeks, everyday life in this country has changed dramatically," the letter, which has been seen by The Sun, will say.

"If too many people become seriously ill at one time, the NHS will not be able to cope. This will cost lives."

"We all feel the profound impact of coronavirus not just on ourselves, but on our loved ones and our communities."

He goes on to write that the measures which have been taken have caused a lot of disruption - but they are "absolutely necessary."

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Boris said the reason is simple: "If too many people become seriously ill at one time, the NHS will not be able to cope. This will cost lives. We must slow the spread of the disease, and reduce the number of people needing hospital treatment in order to save as many people as possible."

"That is why we are giving one simple instruction - you must stay at home."

Testing is now being rolled out to NHS workers (Credit: Splash News)

Boris will set out the guidelines which the government announced last week. People must only leave their homes for "very limited purposes" including going to buy food or medicine, to exercise once a day, and to go to work if working from home is impossible.

He wrote that police will have the power to disperse gatherings and fine those who disobey.

Boris Johnson addresses financial fears

In his letter, Boris will also address the financial worries that many people have because of coronavirus.

"The Government will do whatever it takes to help you make ends meet and put food on the table," he has written.

The letter will include a leaflet selling out financial support options from the government.

People have been instructed to stay two metres away from each other (Credit: Splash News)

Boris will end the letter by saying "we know things will get worse before they will get better". The letter will tell the public that stricter measures may be taken "if that is what the scientific and medical advice tells us we must do."

He then goes on to thank NHS staff and the public for doing their bit to fight the killer virus.

Boris wrote the letter while in self-isolation after testing positive himself for coronavirus.

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