Coronation Street’s David could have found love again, but for how long?

As she recovers from surgery after helping save his niece Bethany, David kisses new love Shona

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There’s nothing quite as romantic as a hospital bedside or a ruptured spleen. At least, that seems to be the case if you’re David Platt.

As Shona Ramsey lies in hospital recovering from surgery after her brutal attack, he leans in for a gentle kiss.

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The budding romance hasn’t come out of nowhere. The hairdresser has been getting close to cafe worker Shona for months, as the troubled pair bonded and shared their woes.

And after she came to the rescue of his niece Bethany – earning herself a vicious beating in the process – they are closer than ever.

It was Shona who knew what sick Nathan was really up to, with his evil grooming and controlling of Bethany. And she alerts David, who with Sarah and Gary races round to the tanning salon to rescue the troubled teen.

But after raising the alarm the first time, she was attacked by two of Nathan’s thugs and left for dead.

She ended up with a ruptured spleen, which required surgery, and next week David finds out that the operation was made more complicated because of Shona’s caesarean section scar.

This was news to David – he had no idea she had had a child. And Billy tells him that it’s true, Shona had a son who she lost.

But David certainly has no idea that her son is Clayton, who killed David’s wife Kylie.

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As she wakes up, she’s shocked to discover he knows about her son. But she keeps his identity secret, instead telling him about her boy ‘Jimmy’ who went off the rails.

And as they talk and get closer, David leans in and gently kisses her.

Much to the horror of his mum Gail, who is walking in and sees it all. And who knows the truth about Shona and her son.

She clearly isn’t happy, warning David that he’s getting too close to Shona and that it’s too soon after Kylie’s death. But with the pair both admitting they have feelings for each other, it could be too late anyway.

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