Coronation Street: Will Nathan be revealed as Clayton’s dad?

Fans are convinced of this connection to Shona

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Shona has just dropped an almighty bombshell on Gail – and the rest of us – that she is the mum of Clayton, the wayward teen that knifed Kylie to death.

But is she harbouring another big secret, about evil Nathan?

We have known from the outset that these two have history in some shape or form. Shona looked terrified when she saw Nathan on Coronation Street.

But this is leading some armchair detectives to conclude that Nathan is actually Clayton’s father.

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One viewer posted to Twitter: “Bet Nathan’s his dad or something #Corrie,”

Another echoed: “So is Nathan Clayton’s dad? #Corrie.”

And the theory kept coming…

“Guessing Nathan is Clayton’s dad in #corrie after doing to shona what hes now doing to Bethany!,” wrote another.

A further fan questioned: “Is Clayton’s dad Nathan? Did he groom Shona when she was underage? Has he been this way since a teenager? #Corrie.”

Another added: “That would make sense that Shona got pregnant so young if Nathan did the same thing he is doing to Bethany #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

“Ewwww! Please tell me that Nathan isn’t Clayton’s dad. #Corrie is becoming scarier by the minute or is it just in my head?” wrote another.

So, plenty of viewers seem to think they have sussed the next secret to emerge in this dark storyline.

And it does seem entirely plausible.

Viewers know that Mel fell victim to Nathan’s grooming ways well before Bethany – it makes absolute sense to speculate that other young girls have fallen prey even before her.

The troubling plot is set to get a lot darker this week as Nathan forces Bethany to go for a drink with his friend Neil and then pressures the besotted teen into sleeping with him.

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