Coronation Street viewers turn on ‘pathetic broken record’ Michelle

Some fans of the show don;t like how much she has changed

Corrie’s Michelle has endured a hellish 2017 so far – after the agony of losing baby Ruairi, she then discovered Steve had baby Oliver with Leanne.

That spelled the end of her marriage.

Grieving Michelle discovered Steve had a living baby son (Credit: ITV)

The former Rovers barmaid has been trying to put herself together again, throwing herself into her new role at the Bistro and her relationship with Robert.

But her recent tragedy has changed her. Understandably, she is carrying around a lot of anger, on top of her grief.

New partner Robert has been a rock (Credit: ITV)

At a time when she needed Steve more than ever, she felt utterly betrayed and humiliated by him.

As a result, we are now seeing a harder, crueller Michelle at times.

And many viewers are not liking this side of her.

Michelle blew a gasket in the most recent visit to Coronation Street, as she discovered that Steve had taken his boy Oliver to the beach where Ruairi’s ashes were scattered, on what would have been his birth date.

She referred to the tot as Olly B – as in “Plan B, back-up baby”…

The happy, carefree Michelle has been missing (Credit: ITV)

Some viewers have defended her recent behaviour, understanding that what Michelle has gone through will have affected how she copes with life at the moment.

When Michelle lost the baby, actress Kym Marsh warned that viewers could expect a lot of changes, saying:

“I think in the coming weeks you’re going to see a different Michelle, because she is quite broken at the moment, and so you’re probably not going to see much of the old Michelle.

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“You’re going to see someone that many people don’t recognise.

“It’s important to get that across because she is completely broken and so for a good few weeks, you’re going to see quite a broken Michelle.

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“You might start to see glimmers of her in the future storylines but not for a very long time.’