Coronation Street viewers thrilled as Nathan is arrested

But is it finally over for Bethany?

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Corrie viewers were cheering last night when evil groomer Nathan Curtis was thwarted in his attempts to take Bethany Platt to Belgium and sell her there.

Nathan was arrested as Bethany at last realised he was no good and sought help from a stranger.

Bethany had packed her bags and fled with her abuser on Monday, despite Mary Taylor begging her to see what Nathan really was.

Nathan showed his true colours (Credit: ITV)

When they got on the road and Nathan turned on her, revealing he was sending her to Belgium on her own, the scales eventually fell from Bethany’s eyes.

She was terrified as she realised what was really going on, but with no means of calling for help when Nathan destroyed her sim card, she was left with little choice but to ask a woman she’d never met before for help when they stopped at a service station.

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Bethany asked a woman and her kids for help (Credit: ITV)

Explaining that a man was trying to take her abroad and she didn’t want to go, the woman called the police and when Nathan came over to tell her they were leaving, the woman stood up for Bethany and told him the teen wasn’t going with him.

Nathan tried to take Bethany away with him (Credit: ITV)

As Nathan got nasty, grabbing Bethany’s arm and trying to drag her with him, the cops arrived in the nick of time and arrested him for human trafficking.

Add that to the other charges he’s already facing, and let’s hope he goes down for a very long time.

He was arrested, but made sure he had a go at Bethany first (Credit: ITV)

But he didn’t leave before giving Bethany a parting shot – swearing at her and calling her “nothing”.

Viewers were punching the air with glee when Nathan was arrested and posted on Twitter to express just how happy they were about the turn of events.

As she arrived at the station, lovable Craig was there to meet her – but so was policeman Neil. And he was prepared to go to any lengths to make sure Bethany didn’t name him as one of her rapists.

Brave Bethany gave her statement to the police, but she kept Neil’s name out of it. So for now, it looks like it’s just Nathan who’ll go down.

Bethany is devastated by what she’s been through, how will she cope? (Credit: ITV)

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But Bethany did tell Neil what he’s done is far worse than what Nathan did, so hopefully he won’t go unpunished for long.

And now Bethany has to focus on putting her life back together. It’ll be a long, slow process, but we know she can do it.