Coronation Street viewers are convinced someone is helping Phelan torment Eileen

Is she behind all the strange stuff that's been happening?

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Corrie viewers watched in horror as evil cobbles killer Pat Phelan returned in last night’s episode.

At least, we think he returned.

Viewers know Pat survived his plunge into the sea after Eileen found out his deepest, darkest secrets. And in Wednesday’s episode we saw him leave the B&B where he’s been holed up, because he had “things to do”.

Meanwhile, back on the Street, poor Eileen was nervy after the back door was found open, and nails were stuck in her car tyres.

Eileen was scared when she heard a noise – but it turned out to be Abi (Credit: ITV)

When she heard noises in her house, she was terrified – but her intruder turned out to be Seb’s mum, Abi.


Or not.

Abi and Eileen had a chat (Credit: ITV)

Because the Corrie fans are convinced Abi’s in cahoots with evil Phelan – and now she’s wormed her way back into Eileen’s life.

At the end of the last night’s episode, we saw someone wearing boots and dark gloves, watching Eileen from the back garden, and then steal the spare key from under the plant pot.

Was it Phelan watching Eileen? (Credit: ITV)

It looks very much like Phelan’s back in Weatherfield. But is Abi helping him plot revenge on his wife? Or even on Gary and Seb who exposed his crimes?

The fans certainly think so.

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“Seb’s mum and Phelan in it together???” predicted one viewer. “I think Seb’s mum is working with Phelan,” said another.

But others thought Abi might be back for a more sinister plot twist.

“Seb’s mum is only back on Corrie cause she will be Phelan’s final victim when he returns,” one viewer said.

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“I have a “Phelan” Seb’s mom might be the next victim,” joked another.

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