Coronation Street twist: Has policeman Neil been working undercover on the Bethany Platt case all along?

He's made the claims, but are they true?

Ben Cartwright, who plays predatory policeman Neil Clifton in Coronation Street, has spoken to Lorraine about a possible twist in the Bethany Platt grooming plot.

Neil joined Corrie fan Lorraine to talk about the plot (Credit: ITV)

The actor revealed there could be a shock twist in the tale yet which sees Neil turn out to be on the side of the victims.

Neil was the first person to rape Bethany after Nathan groomed her into being part of his sex ring.

Since she finally got herself away from evil Nathan’s clutches, Neil has been threatening Bethany to keep her mouth shut about his involvement or else she’ll regret it.

Ben had an interesting theory on the story – but we don’t think it’s true (Credit: ITV)

The story is set for another explosive twist tomorrow night, and Ben joined Lorraine to talk about it, revealing Neil might not be the man we all think he is.

“Maybe it was undercover, who knows?” he said.

“Maybe I’m going to go in cahoots with Bethany and send Nathan down. Just saying, Lorraine, just saying.”

As the host admitted she was intrigued by the theory, we have to say we find it rather hard to believe.

Craig isn’t convinced by Neil’s story – and neither are we (Credit: ITV)

Craig Tinker pointed out the other night, was sleeping with Bethany against her will part of Neil’s ‘undercover’ operations? We don’t think his superiors would be on board with that…

Let’s hope tomorrow night sees Neil finally get caught out for his part in the crime.

Ben also admitted to the morning show host he had reservations about taking on the role, but he’s really pleased he did.

Ben admitted he had reservations about taking on the role

“When I first read the character breakdown I wasn’t immediately drawn to the part.

“I had reservations. I’m married, I’ve got a young family and my major concern was how would this impact on me as a person.”

After talking it through with friends, who advised he needed a positive reason to turn it down, he went for it.

“I’m so glad I did, the response universally has been really positive.”