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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Tim will turn on dad Geoff

It's about time!

Coronation Street’s Tim Metcalfe looks set to turn on his evil dad Geoff.

The taxi driver has so far enraged viewers by refusing to see how awful and abusive Geoff truly is – but that’s all set to change, according to actor Joe Duttine.

Till WILL turn on Geoff says Joe (Credit: ITV)

Joe told Inside Soap: “Remember that Tim isn’t aware of what the rest of the nation knows about Geoff.

“Tim only reacts to the interactions he has with his dad, and he doesn’t want to believe that he could do anything wrong. Tim will see cracks in the picture he has of Geoff.

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“It’s a slow burn, and Tim’s remaining loyal to his dad until the stage he can no longer do so. We may be getting closer to that stage.”

The hint could mean that the shock secret Geoff has been keeping from Tim is about to explode.

The key will be more of Tim’s family and friends turning on Geoff, the actor said in a separate interview.

“I think the more evidence that is stacked against Geoff from people Tim trusts, the more Tim might turn,” the actor told the TV Times.

“[Tim] might be a bit gullible, but he’s not stupid. I don’t think Tim will necessarily side and sympathise with Yasmeen because he’s not really bothered about her.

“But if he finds out that his dad behaved like this with his mum, that’s a whole different story. I think he’ll distance himself from him, ultimately.”

Geoff is hiding a horrific secret

But Tim’s mum Tessa has been blamed by Geoff for the reason why he’s abusive.

However actor Ian Bartholomew recently teased that Geoff is hiding a huge secret from Tim about his mum.

He told the Radio Times: “Geoff has basically lied to Tim for years about what really happened with his mother, Geoff’s first wife.

Fans think Elaine is Tim’s mum but are they right? (Credit: ITV)

“We will be exploring things a little deeper which I’ve always wanted to do. It would be good to find out more about their past, it could be key to how the story develops.”

Fans think they have guessed the secret – and are convinced Geoff’s ex Elaine is actually Tim’s mum.

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One said: “I think Elaine in #corrie is actually Tim’s mum going by a different name @itvcorrie.”

A second said: “I take it Paula Wilcox is Tim’s long lost mum? #Corrie”

A third said: “I think so too… especially when she said she paid the hardest price (or words to that effect)… she lost her son.”

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