Coronation Street SPOILERS: Steve McDonald cheats – but not with Abi!

Could Tracy's unusual generosity be a trap?

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Steve McDonald is caught with his pants down this week after mistakenly believing fiancee Tracy Barlow has given him the A-OK to play away.

Dozy Steve, who is having second – and third, and fourth and quite a few more thoughts – about getting wed yet again may not have to worry about it after his blunder.

But he may very well have to concern himself about the wrath of a furious Tracy when he attempts to enjoy one last fling before getting hitched for a seventh time.

Tracy shows some uncharacteristic thoughtfulness when pampering her man, who is feeling neglected and – unknown to her – very unsure about a lifetime together with the mother of his daughter Amy.

Steve’s seduction techniques may need an overhaul (Credit: ITV)

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And he certainly perks up when she encourages him to fill his boots and enjoy his ‘free pass’.

However, their wires very much crossed.

He thinks she is giving him her blessing to enjoy one last hurrah of sowing his oats.

But what Tracy actually means is, well, pretty much what she says. Her intention is to give her hubby-to-be access to a spa so he can relax and unwind.

Will Peter keep Steve’s secret? (Credit: ITV)

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Amazingly, Steve does’t question the precise meaning of her unusual offer, even after Tim warns him it could be a trap.

He does, however, immediately seek out the company of Abi Franklin, with whom he has shared an illicit smooch before.

During another dance lesson between the two, Steve makes his move.

However, it turns out he enjoys some private time with another woman instead.

And, of course, they are interrupted and discovered by Peter, Tracy’s brother.

Will Peter tell Tracy? And who is it that has fallen for Steve’s limited charms?

This could prove very bad for Steve (Credit: ITV)

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