Coronation Street SPOILERS: Nina devastated as Asha reunites with Corey

Nina and Asha split a few weeks ago

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Nina is devastated as Asha reunites with Corey.

A couple of weeks ago, Nina started to feel as if her relationship with Asha was moving too quickly and broke things off with her.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Asha reunites with Corey

In next week’s scenes Asha ends up running into her ex-boyfriend Corey. When he realises she’s no longer with Nina, Corey suggests that they meet up and Asha tentatively agrees.

Asha and Corey get back together (Credit: ITV)

When Asha reveals that she’s going to see Corey again and he’s a changed person, Nina worries for her.

As she watched Asha and Corey meet, Nina can’t help but worry about Asha.

In a bid to make a stand against traffic pollution, Nina blocks Victoria Street by using the tables from the café.

Nina blocks Victoria Street (Credit: ITV)

When Seb comes along, he’s furious pointing out that he needs to get to work.

As Seb and Nina stare each other out, Roy intervenes and orders Nina to move the tables back on to the pavement.

Nina moves on with Seb?

When Seb confides in Nina that he’s planning to have his hair cut because he’s sick of the lads taking the mickey, Nina urges him to ignore them and to just be himself and do what would make him happy.

Seb thanks Nina for her advice and as they discuss music, they start to see each other in a new light.

Nina and Seb start to see each other in a new light (Credit: ITV)

Later Nina finds out Corey and Asha are officially back together and can’t help but feel gutted. However she decides it’s time for her to try and move on and invites Seb round to watch a film.

Asha watches Nina and Seb from across the street. But she’s soon distracted when Corey presents her with a lovely bouquet to celebrate their getting back together.

However Asha’s heart isn’t in it. Has she really moved on from Nina?

Corey tries to get Asha to sleep with him (Credit: ITV)

At No.7 Corey starts putting pressure on Asha to go to bed with him, but Dev soon arrives home and throws Corey out.

When Seb reveals that Nina is now dating Seb, Asha insists she’s fine. However Dev isn’t fooled. Does she still have feelings for Nina?

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