Coronation Street SPOILER: Shifty Shona’s secret finally revealed

Are we about to find out what the mysterious newcomer has been hiding for the past few months?

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Ooh, we’ve been looking forward to this. Coronation Street viewers will finally learn the huge secret Shona Ramsey has been hiding.

Fans have been speculating about Shona’s past since she was spotted crying at Kylie Platt’s grave in February.

Theories have ranged from her being related to Kylie, to being a relative of Killer Clayton Hibbs.

But, after all the rumours and gossip, the secret is finally revealed after Shona accidentally overhears a conversation between Sarah and Gail Platt.

Shona, who finds herself alone Chez Platt, has to hide when Sarah and Gail come home.

The pair are discussing David’s obvious guilt towards Anna Windass, who was unwittingly a victim of his plan to blow up Clayton’s prison van.

Anna, who raced to help David, Gary and Lily when David’s car exploded, ended up with serious burns to her legs.

Stunned by what she hears, Shona comes out of her hiding place and reveals herself to Gail, who begs her not to repeat what she heard.

Eventually, Gail convinces her not to go to the police by promising that David didn’t mean to hurt anyone apart from Clayton and himself.

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But then Shona reveals her secret to an equally stunned Gail.

So, what has she been hiding? And will it affect her future on the cobbles?