Coronation Street SPOILER: Who is stalking Michelle?

Someone's following her and it looks like she's in real danger

Coronation Street’s Michelle Connor finds herself the victim of a stalker, and while boyfriend Robert Preston is convinced it’s his former friend Rich out for revenge, something doesn’t quite add up…

Robert is so preoccupied with making sure Rich pays, he won’t even consider someone else might be targeting Michelle. But who could it be?

Things seem to have quietened down at the start of next week, the attacks have stopped and despite Rich coming up with an alibi for the firebomb and graffiti, Michelle’s hopeful the police involvement has scared him off.

Robert is gambling with his future (Credit: ITV)

With Robert desperate to raise funds to pay off Chesney after he was stabbed by Rich, he heads to the casino to make a major bet. Michelle’s furious with him for gambling their future away, but he ignores her and goes ahead with the bet anyway.

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When he returns home to face the music, Robert sees that Michelle’s car window has been smashed – looks like the vendetta has started again.

He quickly heads round to see Luke to pay him to get it fixed before Michelle sees, before heading off to hunt down Rich.

Robert wants Luke to fix Michelle’s car on the down low (Credit: ITV)

But the drug dealer denies any involvement – is he telling the truth?

Speaking to Inside Soap, Tristan Gemmell, who plays Robert said: “Robert is convinced of Rich’s guilt, and can’t get it out of his head.

“He’s blinded by the severity of the attack on Chesney, and the fact that Rich supplied the drugs that Daniel overdosed on. He can’t think of any other explanation.”

So as he focuses all his attentions on Rich, he might be leaving Michelle in even more danger as the stalker is closing in…

When she finds out the truth about her car (of course she was always going to!) after overhearing Alya and Kate talking about it, Michelle’s furious that Robert is still keeping secrets from her.

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Angry at her fella and wanting some alone time, she agrees to give Maria and her date, Will (yes, Michelle’s ex, Will – this is getting complicated!) a lift into town so they can have a night out.

Michelle realises someone’s watching her, but can she get away? (Credit: ITV)

But as Michelle has a party for one sitting alone in a bar, she soon becomes aware someone is watching her – and they’re about to make their move.

With the danger growing, just who is stalking Michelle? Has the attack sent Chesney mad – is he the one doing it?

Why is Will back in the picture? Is he using Maria to get to Michelle?

Or has it been Rich all along?

With rumours swirling that Michelle is set to be kidnapped, could this be the scene that sees her taken? And will Robert save her in time?