Coronation Street SPOILER: Tracy’s worry as Amy goes off the rails

A chip off the old block!

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With all the drama going on in the Barlow household at the moment, it’s no wonder everyone seems to have forgotten about Amy.

But it turns out, she’s the one they should be watching the most closely, because she’s up to something.

With Ken upsetting his entire family, rows are erupting all over the place and tensions are fraught.

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Peter’s upset that Ken told Toyah Peter was cheating on her with Chloe and is back on the booze, Daniel’s gutted over Sinead’s miscarriage and blaming Ken for it, and Adam’s nowhere to be found.

Tracy’s had enough of not being the centre of attention and decides to bring Ken to task.

A show insider told Inside Soap:

“Ken has always treated Tracy as if she were his own flesh and blood – but that doesn’t stop her accusing him of putting his real kids before her.

“She’s massively put out that she and Amy aren’t the centre of Ken’s universe any more and in true Tracy style she tells him as much!”

But Ken’s not really in the mood for Tracy’s tantrums right now and gives her short shrift.

It might be a good time to focus her attentions on her daughter then, who’s behaving very strangely indeed.

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Amy’s sneaking around, sending secret text messages, and leaving money out for someone in the Barlows’ living room. What’s she playing at?

When she makes up an excuse to sneak out of her violin recital as well, it’s clear she’s up to something dodgy.

But as Tracy and Luke try to hunt her down, what will they find?

Just who is Amy in cahoots with? And is it going to get her in a whole heap of trouble? We’d say so, yes!