Coronation Street SPOILER: Tracy and Adam team up

The schemers are scheming together

Adam and Tracy Barlow are both prime suspects in the frame for Ken’s attack and neither have an alibi.

But then a shock discovery leads them to team up. Are they going to cover for each other’s crimes?

Adam is struggling to find himself an alibi, having lied to everyone he was in Canada and only came back AFTER Ken’s attack.

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Confiding in on/off girlfriend Rosie, Adam reveals he never actually left town and he’s in deep trouble because no one can back up where he was. That’s when he asks her to lie to the police for him.

Rosie’s horrified he’s even asking, but when he tells her he’ll reveal all about her involvement in drugs smuggling and ruin her mum, Sally Metcalfe’s, reputation in the process, she has to think seriously about what he’s asking her to do.

Will Rosie back Adam up and get him out of trouble? And just where was he when Ken was pushed?

Meanwhile, Tracy also can’t quite account for her whereabouts on the night in question. She was supposedly out looking for missing Amy, but could she have snuck back in and attacked Ken?

Wanting to know exactly where she stands should anything happen to her stepdad, Tracy starts snooping and comes across Ken’s will. She’s horrified when she reads it and finds out it leaves the majority of his estate to Peter, Daniel, and Adam.

Furious that she and Amy are being left out in the cold, Tracy knows this also gives her motive for lashing out at him.

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Adam arrives to find her reading the will and he’s aghast when she shows him: this is not the will he drew up for his grandad.

As they discuss what they’ve found, and how the legal document could make them both look in terms of being guilty, Adam and Tracy know they need to rely on each other.

But Tracy will stab you in the back as quick as she’ll look at you, family or not, so can Adam really trust her?

And for that matter, can she trust Adam, who’s done nothing but lie since he came back to the cobbles?!

It’s hardly a match made in heaven, but is each other all they’ve got?