Coronation Street SPOILER: Todd turns to the dark side to win Summer

Can we just hurry up and get Summer living with Tilly please

We cannot imagine anything better than Todd Grimshaw and Billy Mayhew (aka TILLY!) getting custody of little Summer.

Summer visits Todd and Adam (credit: ITV)

Seriously, the storyline possibilities are endless – we’ve already seen Summer bring out the (usually well hidden nurturing side of Todd). Imagine him delving hilariously in the murky waters of raising a teenage girl.

Having said that, we’ve seen the paternal side of Todd a few times lately with his love and concern for Bethany Platt, who used to be his step-daughter.

So, basically, we have high hopes for Tilly as parents. If only they can overcome the obstacle which is Summer’s paternal grandmother, Geraldine.

Geraldine doesn’t want the lads at the funeral – or in Summer’s life (credit: ITV)

Geraldine is the mother of Billy’s ex, Drew, who recently approached Tilly, asking them to take in his daughter, Summer, when he died.

Drew knew his death was imminent as he had cancer, and he didn’t want his homophobic mother taking Summer in – and passing her views onto her.

Despite facing opposition from Geraldine, Todd and Billy are keen to keep their promise to Billy, and they decide to fight for Summer.

Their first move is defying Geraldine’s demands that they stay away from Drew’s funeral – the lads attend anyway and watch Summer deliver a heart wrenching eulogy.

Billy is saddened by Summer’s speech (credit: ITV)

Later, back on the street, Todd takes a look around Adam Barlow’s new offices on Victoria Street and is stunned when Summer turns up, looking for legal advice.

What doe she want and is Todd ready to make a deal with Adam to get it?

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