Coronation Street SPOILER: Tim flips after underage sex shock

He discovers teen daughter Faye is sleeping with Seb

Corrie’s Tim Metcalfe is faced with a surprise when he discovers teen daughter Faye Windass is sleeping with her boyfriend Seb Franklin.

At only 15, Faye is underage and both Tim, and Faye’s mum Anna Windass, are determined to put a stop to their shenanigans.

Anna first gets wind that something’s going on with Faye and bad boy Seb again when she sees them kissing at the builders’ yard.

Anna’s fuming that Faye has disobeyed her orders (Credit: ITV)

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Seb is there having been given an apprenticeship by Pat Phelan, who is discussing the whole thing with Seb’s case worker, Nicola Rubenstein (who also happens to be Phelan’s long-lost daughter!).

Raging at seeing her girl back in the arms of the no-good youngster, especially after she was told to stay away from him, Anna grabs Faye and drags her away.

Anna causes a massive scene in front of everyone (Credit: ITV)

One bit of good news – it seems the teenager’s learned a little something from having a baby when she was just 12-years-old, and she is actually taking precautions this time round.

But that doesn’t appease Anna when she finds an empty condom wrapper and goes mad.

Anna’s partner, Kevin Webster, who’s getting a bit frustrated at her own lack of interest in sex following her injuries after David Platt’s revenge plan went wrong, tries to stick up for Faye.

That only serves to rile Anna even more, and they end up having a huge row. Fed up of her recent attitude and rejections, Kevin storms out – straight into the arms of Erica Holroyd. We all know where this is going to lead, don’t we?!

Relations between Anna and Kevin are strained, but Tim wants to help (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Anna talks to Tim about their girl and how she’s sleeping with Seb. As they try to tackle the problem head on, Tim decides to take matters in hand himself and calls Seb to the cab office.

He sits the lad down and tells him no uncertain terms that Faye is only 15, so sleeping with her is breaking the law.

Tim makes it clear to Seb he isn’t messing around (Credit: ITV)

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Ordering Seb to finish things or else he’ll call the police and have him sent straight back into the Young Offender’s Institution he’s just come out of, Tim doesn’t back down when the lad tries to be a bit brazen.

Realising he’s in very real danger of going back inside, Seb knows he has no choice but to do as Tim says.

While Anna, Tim and Faye sit down for a chat about her behaviour, they’re interrupted by a call – it’s Seb dumping her. Over the phone? Nice.

Faye is devastated and Tim offers comfort, but will he tell her what he’s done and that he’s responsible for her heartbreak? And will she forgive him if she does find out?

The thing is, we’ve been here before, Faye pretending she isn’t seeing Seb when really she is… Is this a scheme they’ve cooked up to throw her parents off the scent?

Are the two still together but only in secret? And how long will it be before that blows up in their faces?