Coronation Street SPOILER: This is the moment Bethany realises what’s really going on

She'll finally wise up to Nathan's ways tonight

Fans of Corrie invested in the long-running Bethany Platt grooming storyline need to tune in tonight as the teen finally realises Nathan Curtis isn’t all he seems to be.

But once she knows what he’s planning, will she manage to get away from him?

Bethany thinks she and Nathan are eloping together and going to live happily ever after in Belgium.

The only snag in the plan, as far as Bethany is concerned, is that she can’t find her passport because mum Sarah has burnt it in a desperate bid to keep her daughter away from Nathan.

Mary is desperate to persuade Bethany to stay (Credit: ITV)

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As Bethany packs her things ready to flee, Mary Taylor heads round to see her and immediately realises what she’s planning.

Mary desperately tries to talk Bethany round and make her see what Nathan is really doing, but at that point the besotted teen just doesn’t want to listen.

She goes with him, but Mary’s words must have had some sort of effect on Bethany’s sub-conscience because as she and Nathan are driving along, Bethany starts to realise things aren’t right.

In a preview clip released by ITV, Bethany confesses she hasn’t got her passport as she couldn’t find it. Nathan blasts her:

“Do you realise how much your stupidity is going to cost me?”

Nathan loses his cool and it’s clear he’s not all Bethany thinks he is (Credit: ITV)

As she whimpers and wails at him, and suggests they don’t go abroad at all, he screams that he’ll sort it.

With the atmosphere tense, Bethany tries desperately to appease him by chattering away about other stuff. She tells him she’s never been to Belgium and then asks where they’re going to stay.

“A friend of mine is going to take you,” Nathan responds, which sets alarm bells ringing for Bethany who shouts:

It slowly starts to dawn on Bethany that all is not right (Credit: ITV)

“What friend, I want to be with you, this is why we’re doing this so we can be together.”

As he hits the steering wheel in anger and frustration, a terrified Bethany starts to sob and begs him to let them stay together.

Bethany is terrified as she realises something is going on (Credit: ITV)

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“Just as soon as it’s safe I’m going to be on that first boat over,” Nathan tries to calm her down, but it’s clear his facade is slipping and he can’t carry on pretending he’s in love with her for much longer.

When she brings up the passport situation again and asks why she just can’t stay with him, he turns to her and says: “You just need to trust me.”

But it’s clear from the expression on her face she’s starting to realise that’s exactly what she shouldn’t do.

Will Bethany manage to get away? Or will she be packed off to Belgium against her wishes?