Coronation Street SPOILER: The Platts race to save Bethany

Shona reveals the truth behind Bethany and Nathan's relationship - but is it all too late?

Next week is looking like it could be make or break for Bethany Platt as Coronation Street’s controversial sex ring storyline looks set to come to a head.

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Shona finally realises that her ex, Evil Nathan, and Bethany’s current, Evil Nathan, are one in the same person!

And it doesn’t look like it ends well for Shona when she is beaten up by some heavies, shortly after confronting Nathan.

Things then get even worse for Bethany as Nathan persuades her to go to the bedroom with three of his nasty, pervert friends. Vomit.

But a bloodied Shona, who runs away from hospital after being discovered by Craig Tinker, turns up at Audrey’s and warns David that Bethany is in serious danger.

Is she too late?

The race is on to save the teen and Gary, Sarah, Shona and David race to the Salon and kick the door down.

Shona explains the real truth behind Nathan and Bethany’s relationship and the Platts head up to the flat to confront him.

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But, when they arrive, it seems Bethany still refuses to believe what they’re saying about Nathan is true.

Is this really the end of the dark storyline? We have a sneaky feeling there’s still lots more to come.