Coronation Street SPOILER: Surprise new romance for Alya?

The Underworld worker is stunned when her flatmate tries to kiss her

It’s party time in Corrie next week when Alya Nazir, Kate Connor and Luke Britton throw a housewarming party to celebrate the girls moving into the flat.

Is love on the cards for Alya? (credit: ITV)

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The booze is flowing freely and everyone is having a great time, until one of Alya’s flatmates puts the moves on her and leans in for a snog, but which one?

There’s been loads of rumours about a potential new romance coming up for Kate, everyone seems to think it’s gonna be Rana, but could it actually be Alya?

Well, no. At least not yet anyway as it’s a slightly sozzled Luke who tries it on with Alya. She’s pretty surprised at Luke’s sudden interest in her, but will she respond?

Will they? Won’t they? Don’t leave us hanging, Corrie (credit: ITV)

Let’s just say, it’s pretty awkward the morning after when a mortified Luke apologises for his drunken actions the night before.

But Alya is hurt when Luke assures her there won’t be a repeat performance, because she’s secretly crushing on her new roomie.

Later, Alya confides in Kate and Rana that she’s got the feels for someone, but doesn’t really know how to play it.

So, basically, they both fancy each other but getting together won’t be simple. We’re hoping Corrie don’t leave them hanging for too long.

It’s been aaaaages since Alya’s had a decent storyline and Luke is way to fit to be sat on the shelf for too long.

He needs a decent serving of romance after his doomed relationships with Maria Connor and Tracy Barlow.

Just kiss her already, Luke (credit: ITV)

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Although, we wouldn’t want to be in Alya’s shoes when Tracy gets wind of something going on between her and her ex.

Having said that, a cobbles cat-fight could be exactly what good girl Alya needs to liven her up a bit!