Coronation Street SPOILER: Steve punches Nick

Then Peter gets involved too

A day out at the beach ends up in a big fight between Steve McDonald, Nick Tilsley, and Peter Barlow in upcoming Corrie scenes.

The blokes are all trying to get along as Steve is the father to Leanne’s baby, Oliver, but she’s engaged to Nick.

Peter is Leanne’s ex-husband, who’s now going out with her sister, Toyah Battersby, and is also dad to Leanne’s stepson Simon.

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The idea of the getaway is to resolve the issues the guys have with each other and to try to find a way to all get along in this strange family set up.

It starts off all sweetness as Steve holds his son on the beach and it looks like a happy family day out.

Recent pictures emerged of Nick sinking into quicksand during the outing and having to be rescued, but it looks like that isn’t the only drama that befalls the gang on their outing.

According to reports, it’s all Nick’s fault that the argument begins. He insults Peter, who he doesn’t like at all, and Steve holds Peter back from punching Nick.

But then Nick insults Steve as well and the tables turn as Peter has to hold Steve back from hitting his rival.

It all sounds very silly to us!

It’s not the first time Steve’s lashed out at Nick. He hit him previously when Nick asked whether Steve’s wife, Michelle Connor, had lost their baby due to any genetic defects.

This is all looks like it’s leading to Nick’s exit from the street.

Actor Ben Price quit his role earlier this year and it’s been revealed he’ll leave this summer. But will it be as a result of his fight with Steve and Peter?

Nick has been jealous of both Peter and Steve for some time now. He doesn’t like the fact Leanne’s letting Steve bond with Oliver, as he wants to be the boy’s father figure.

But after losing wife Michelle when she discovered his betrayal, Steve’s determined he won’t lose his son too.

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As he continues to try and bond with him, is he going to end up growing closer to Leanne too?

Is that what drives Nick away from Weatherfield?

And just how will Lee react to the boys’ childish scuffle?