Coronation Street SPOILER: Steve proposes to Leanne!

He just can't stop asking women to marry him!

We love Steve McDonald, we really do, but – bless him – he absolutely needs to go and speak to someone about his obvious co-dependancy issues.

Isn’t this what every woman dreams of? (Credit: ITV)

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He’s only been separated from Michelle for mere months but, next week he’s down on one knee again, (metaphorically speaking) asking Leanne Battersby to marry him. Oh, Steve.

The shock proposal comes after Leanne and their baby Oliver move in with Steve in order to share the more demanding side of parenting – the sleepless nights, controlled crying etc.

While they practice controlled crying, in an attempt to get the baby to sleep a bit more, they actually begin to bond – maybe Steve’s proposal isn’t as off the wall as it seems.

Well, they’ve both had worse spouses… (Credit: ITV)

Leanne has been living at the Rovers since Nick Tilsley decided to sell the flat she was living in, but it didn’t really work out, so Steve steps in and offers Leanne somewhere to stay.

And, after a week playing happy families, Steve decides to bring up the subject of marriage. Spurred on by Leanne opting to spend a night in with him, instead of a night out with Toyah and Eva – and her gifting him and Oliver with matching footie shirts – he awkwardly pops the question.

But considering, they’re not even in a relationship, what will Leanne say? Will she be seduced by a stable home life for Oliver and become the sixth Mrs Steve McDonald?

This is Leanne’s reaction to Steve’s shock proposal (Credit: ITV)

It doesn’t look likely as Leanne immediately starts listing all the reasons why it would be a TERRIBLE idea, and heads off to meet her sisters at the pub after all.

But when Toyah and Eva hear Lee’s news and start mocking the multiple marriages of Steve McDonald, Leanne is surprised to find herself defending him. Awww.

Is there love in the air? Oh is it just one of Oliver’s whiffy nappies? Simon Gregson, who plays Steve, has strong opinions about seeing his character head up the aisle again.

He told “I’d prefer him not to marry again!  They’re not fun to film. There are just too many people involved in a small space and they take days.

“And they’ve always filmed the ones I’ve been involved in during the winter months!”

But he added that Steve’s reasons for asking Leanne to be his wife are genuinely from a good place. He explained: “She’s a very good mum and he’s always tried to do the right thing by the children, which is why he asked Tracy Barlow to marry him.

“Even though he wasn’t interested in her at all, he thought he should do it for Amy. He’s kind of thinking the same thing with Leanne.

“Although she’s a million miles away from Tracy, she’s a good person, a good mum, they’ve known each other since they were kids and they have a laugh. So he thought, ‘maybe this time it could work’.”

Simon also said that Steve should probably head off on a lads’ holiday at this point, instead of planning yet another wedding.

Happy families? (Credit: ITV)

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He said: “I would tell him to go on holiday with the lads for a bit and chill out – get out of Weatherfield for a while and stay away from people who know him.”

Sounds like decent advice to us!