Coronation Street SPOILER: Steve McDonald is set to propose AGAIN

He makes Ross from Friends look like a commitment-phobe

We all know soaps love storylines about addiction but while drugs, booze etc. have been heavily covered over the years, there is one glaringly-obvious omission: Steve McDonald’s out of control addiction to marriage.

And… here we go again.

Because according to reports in The Mirror, about 10 seconds after his marriage to Michelle ended, Steve is thinking about proposing to the mother of his son Oliver, Leanne Battersby.

“So guys, how about we double up? All get married at once? Save me some time?” (Credit: ITV)

Yep, sure. Steve: not a fan of dating and seeing how it goes.

Steve and Leanne agree to live together to raise Oliver but now Steve’s going to go one step – ok, about 55 steps further – with his proposal.

We’re still hoping for a Michelle and Steve reunion, tbh (Credit: ITV)

The wedding – if it went ahead, and that’s a big if because, you know, soap – would be Steve’s seventh after he previously went through big days with Vicky, Karen (twice, long story), Tracy, Becky and most recently Michelle.

He and Michelle split when she found out he was having a baby with Leanne, after they lost a baby boy of their own.

Leanne’s got a bit of marriage experience under her own belt as she was previously married to Nick Tilsley (twice, long story) and also to Peter Barlow, whose son Simon she adopted.

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Becky would probably be angry about being this close to Tracy, even in picture format (Credit: ITV)
She did a happier face than this on her wedding day. Marginally. (Credit: ITV)

But while she may have a little bit of previous on the wedding front, it’s nothing compared to marriage pro Steve who must be richer than we thought since he seems to have a constant ring fund available.

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And he’s only in his early forties, he could squeeze in loads yet. Although some new women would need to move into the cobbles as he’s pretty much been through all the current ones.

Seventh time lucky, Steve? Well this is soap so no, probably not.