Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead dumps Daniel – but will she go back to Chesney?

Daniel's losing everything, including his girlfriend

After being revealed as Ken Barlow’s attacker, the drama doesn’t stop there for Corrie’s Daniel Osbourne.

Sinead Tinker will dump him next week after finding out what he’s done.

Sinead tells Daniel it’s over (Credit: ITV)

Ken had wrongly remembered grandson Adam pushing him down the stairs, when in fact Daniel had hit him over the head with a poetry book and sent him flying.

The terrible truth came tumbling out on Monday night leaving viewers fearing for Ken’s life as Daniel confessed everything.

Barricading them in his flat, Daniel insisted Ken couldn’t leave as Ken questioned him over what had happened.

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Daniel won’t let Ken out (Credit: ITV)

And then the mother of all shocks arrived – Denise Osbourne turned up at the door. We all thought she was dead and buried under the rose bush!

But no, she’s still alive and she has returned to find out exactly what’s been going on with her son and his dad.

Daniel fell apart when Denise turned up at the door (Credit: ITV)

And not only does Denise know Daniel pushed Ken down the stairs, but soon enough Sinead will too.

The troubled machinist starts next week telling Daniel things are over between them.

We can only assume she’s unable to forgive him for his violent act against his dad and then his weeks spent covering it up and lying about it, letting others take the blame for what he did.

Sinead can’t forgive Daniel – will he do something drastic? (Credit: ITV)

Clearly on an emotional knife edge already, Daniel is devastated about it. After all, it was Ken bullying Sinead into getting an abortion that tipped Daniel over in the first place and made him lash out.

Can he persuade her to give them another chance? Or will she be pushed back into Chesney’s arms?

Ches has never really got over his girl and has been playing the good friend this week, but it’s clear he wants more from her. Will she realise he’s the one for her and give their relationship another shot?

Chesney still loves Sinead, but will he make a play for her once she’s single? (Credit: ITV)

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Sinead might not be in a forgiving mood, but it seems Ken will be. He’s set to gather the whole clan together and tell them the truth about his attack.

He’ll then insist none of them are blameless and demand they all club together to protect Daniel from any legal repercussions.

Will the police let it lie? Or is there enough evidence to prosecute without Ken’s approval?