Sinead arrested Corrie Credit: ITV

Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead arrested for Ken’s attack

She's the latest suspect to be questioned

With the list of suspects narrowing in the Ken Barlow attack, we’re down to just three possible culprits.

Adam Barlow, Daniel Osbourne and Sinead Tinker could all have done it. But which one of them did?

The list of suspects in the ‘who pushed Ken’ investigation have narrowed (Credit: ITV)

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Desperate to clear his own name, Adam kidnaps Daniel, determined to get a confession out of him for pushing Ken down the stairs.

Adam had thought he was in the clear after Tracy Barlow confessed. But then he found out she was lying to protect her daughter, Amy, and having found out Amy had nothing to do with it, Trace retracted her confession.

Tracy confessed – then retracted it (Credit: ITV)

Realising he was straight back in the firing line, Adam’s kidnap attempt was as a result of his panic. But Daniel doesn’t play ball and after the boys scuffle, Adam’s left with no further evidence and no closer to who actually pushed Ken.

Adam tries to get a confession out of Daniel (Credit: ITV)

But then he starts to think maybe Sinead had motive. Or at least she has enough of one to get the cops off his own back for a while.

Heading to the station, Adam tells the investigating officers Sinead’s the one they should be looking at. But he stops short of fitting her up completely.

Sinead’s got a motive – Ken forced her to have an abortion (Credit: ITV)

When the police come calling at the Bistro and want to talk to Sinead about the night of the attack, she’s pretty worried.

We all know she had a big motive, after Ken ranted at her about wasting Daniel’s life with the baby she was carrying.

Sinead arrested Corrie Credit: ITV
Sinead’s stunned when the police come calling (Credit: ITV)

She was so upset by his words, she ended up having a termination and blames Ken for her being forced to do it.

But will she confess to the police the real reason she has beef with Ken? It would give her a huge motive – would they stop looking elsewhere?

As the events of the past few days take their toll on Daniel, Sinead’s arrest is the last thing he needs.

Daniel gets ready to flee – what is he hiding (Credit: ITV)

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He packs his things and decides to get the hell out of Weatherfield – but he’s caught by Roy.

Just why is Daniel planning to flee? Does he believe Sinead did it and wants to get away from her?

Or is he the one responsible and he’s escaping because he feels guilty about letting Sinead cop for his crime?

Whatever happens, Ken’s about to get his memory back, so it won’t be long before the truth is finally revealed. The culprit won’t be able to hide any more…