Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona returns – for David?

She's back in town, but how does David feel about that?

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The last Corrie fans saw of Shona Ramsay she disappeared after David Platt found out her true identity.

She didn’t want to go, but David couldn’t bear the fact he was starting to fall for the mother of Kylie’s killer and banished her from the Street.

Shona returns next week – but will David be pleased to see her after some time to think things through?

David couldn’t deal when he found out who Shona really was (Credit: ITV)

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But with the news Nathan Curtis isn’t being charged for his crimes against Bethany Platt, the teen’s mum, Sarah, is determined to get justice whatever the cost.

Wanting to get more people to speak out against Nathan in order to gather more evidence, Sarah and boyfriend Gary Windass head off to confront Mel Maguire at the tanning salon.

But even though they beg her to do the right thing and help, there’s no guarantee she’s prepared to speak up against Nathan given she’s also in love with him, and going to the police will implicate her too.

Deciding to persevere, Sarah and Gary decide to go to a local drop-in centre and see if they can seek out other victims of Nathan’s evil sex ring.

Sarah begs Shona to help her out (Credit: ITV)

Rana Nazir is working at the centre, and both Rana and Sarah are stunned when they see one of the girls is none other than Shona. They all know Shona could be a crucial witness thanks to her history with Nathan, but after what happened with David will she be willing to come home and help?

Sarah begs her and good-hearted Shona promises she’ll do everything she can to help Bethany – and that includes heading back to the cobbles and moving back in with Billy, Todd, Eileen, and Phelan.

It just so happens that her moving in day is also the anniversary of Kylie’s death. Awkward.

The Platts’ picnic is all smiles at first (Credit: ITV)

The Platts are having a picnic in the back garden to honour her memory, when David the dog runs away and David the human is forced to chase him.

But as he gets onto the street, he sees Shona moving her stuff in and the red mist descends.

David is stunned to see Shona when he’s chasing David the dog (Credit: ITV)

Confronting Billy, demanding to know what’s going on, Billy gives it to David with both barrels and tells him to keep his nose out of who is living with him.

David snipes at Billy that he’d better keep Shona away from him.

David rages at Billy (Credit: ITV)

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As the angry hairdresser heads home and cancels the party, he tells Sarah who he’s seen. But she’s quick to point out just how useful Shona could be to them and she could be one of the only people to help Bethany get justice.

As her words sink in, will David warm to Shona’s presence? And could it turn to more?

It was very clear the pair had strong feelings for each other before David found out who she really was, and those don’t just die. After all, there’s a very fine line between love and hate…

Is Shona secretly harbouring a hope they’ll get together? We don’t doubt she wants to help Bethany out of the goodness of her heart, but is she also secretly hankering after Mr Platt?

Will David come round and realise Shona wasn’t responsible for what Clayton did? Or is it just too much of a hurdle to get over?