Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona is brutally attacked – by Nathan?

Or is someone else responsible for her beating?

Corrie’s Shona Ramsay has been at the centre of much intrigue since she arrived in Weatherfield.

And when she’s beaten to a pulp in upcoming scenes, there are plenty of suspects.

Last week it was finally revealed she is Clayton Higgs’ mum. He’s the man who killed Kylie Platt and Shona has been desperate to keep her true identity secret as she’s making a good life for herself on the street.

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She told Gail everything, but Gail agreed to keep her secret as long as she didn’t tell anyone David had tried to kill Clayton.

Shona also has a connection to Nathan Curtis – the man who’s grooming Bethany Platt. She’s his ex-girfriend and Nathan was following her when he stumbled across Bethany on Christmas Day.

Shona doesn’t yet know that her Nathan is the same one dating Bethany, but when she does, surely she’s going to speak out – is this what gets her attacked?

It was recently revealed that Shona could be the one to save Bethany from Nathan’s clutches, but we know he’s likely to do everything he can to prevent that happening.

Nathan has shown his violent side before when he slammed his assistant Mel’s fingers in the till after she accidentally let Bethany see a photo of them kissing.

And we’ve already seen reports that Bethany’s set to end up on the streets bloodied and bruised. Is Shona another of Nathan’s victims?

Of course, if it is connected to him, he doesn’t do the dirty work himself. Shona’s actually set upon in an alleyway by two thugs who apparently throw her to the ground and give her a good kicking before running off with her phone.

With Shona’s son inside, though, he could have orchestrated the attack on the mother he blames for everything. Is it actually nothing to do with Nathan?

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Another name on the suspect list is Pat Phelan. He spotted Shona when she was in the prison visiting room so he knows what she’s hiding – and she’s likely to know he’s helping Faye visit bad boy boyfriend Seb behind Anna Windass’s back.

Is this brutal beating a warning from Phelan to keep his secret?

Or could David have found out who she really is?

He’s no stranger to a revenge plan, having carried one out against his own brother, Nick, in the past. Could David decide to be a bit smarter about it and get Shona beaten up by two thugs he pays off?

He failed to get revenge on Kylie’s killer, so could he go for the next best thing: Clayton’s mum?