Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona and David back together?

They team up to help Bethany, but can David ever forgive her?

Ah, David Platt and Shona Ramsey, the Corrie love story that could never quite happen – you know, owing to the fact that Shona birthed the thug who stabbed Kylie to death.

Will Shona and David persuade Lara to help? (credit: ITV)

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But the star-crossed pair team up next week as they try to hunt down more of evil Nathan Curtis’ young victims in a bid to get them to make statements against him.

David is livid when he initially realises Shona has returned to the Street, but manages to put his anger aside when he realises that the family need her to help nail Nathan and get justice for Bethany.

Eventually, David swallows his pride and knocks at Eileen’s to ask Shona for her help in getting Nathan convicted.

As we know, Shona was a victim of Nathan herself, so she knows how vile and manipulative he can be and would like nothing more than to see him behind bars.

Is this Shona’s tactic to persuade Lara? (credit: ITV)

Sadly, charges against Nathan were dropped and he walked free when the CPS decided they didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute him for sex offences.

Bethany, obviously, has been a wreck since she heard the news and – determined to help his niece – David and Shona go looking for Lara Cutler, another of Nathan’s victims.

They find the youngster who is now living on the streets and David hopes they can persuade her to report Nathan to the police too.

He and Shona take her to a cafe and try to convince her that her brave move could save lots of other girls like her and Bethany.

But Lara clashed with Bethany in last month’s late night episodes, when Bethany accused her of stealing a necklace Nathan gave her.

David told Shona to do one after learning the truth (credit: ITV)

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Will Lara want to help Bethany? Will someone on Coronation Street take her in (Rita love, we’re looking at you) and will Shona and David FINALLY just get it on?