Coronation Street SPOILER: Sally’s stalker confesses

Gina's secret stuns Sally, but is all as it seems?

Sally Metcalfe has had a lot of brown stuff flung at her by her stalker troll over the last few months.

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Remember the pig heart she got in the post? Vom. And the creepy obituary in the Weatherfield Gazette. Shudder. And the hoax call from the hospital telling her her cancer was back?

Well Sal’s world is about to be rocked even further when her stalker fesses up next week.

Viewers know that Sally’s sister, Gina, is apparently behind the sinister acts -although we’re not totally sold on that tbh – and comes clean, blaming her bi-polar disorder.

Gina and her step-daughter, Leah, are currently staying at Sally and Tim’s after Sally discovered they were living in squalor.

Being a good samaritan, Sally insisted they come and stay with her – not suspecting for one moment that her own sister could be responsible for the abuse.

Sally is understandably stunned when Gina reveals everything, saying her medication made her do it – and she doesn’t remember anything. Hmmm. Sounds dodgy to us.

Is someone else really behind the terror campaign and just manipulated troubled Gina into believing it was her?

But before we can find out, and before Sally really has a chance to digest it all, Tim swoops in and sees Gina off like a rabid dog.

The Metcalfe/Websters then feel pretty bad about this and go searching for Gina. It’s Tim who eventually finds her alone in a demolished house.

Will he give her another chance? And, more importantly, is there more to this than meets the eye?

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We reckon so. That Leah is a shifty one if you ask us.