Coronation Street SPOILER: Sally moves her stalker in

Is that really a good idea?

We’ve heard the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the trouble is, Corrie’s Sally Metcalfe has no idea her sister, Gina Seddon, is actually her enemy!

Sally invites her sister, along with Gina’s stepdaughter, Leah, to move in with her, but she has no clue one of them is the person subjecting her to a campaign of hate recently.

After months of torment, including a fake phone call saying her cancer had returned, being sent an animal heart in the post, and vile online abuse, Sally is too terrified to even leave the house.

Daughters Sophie and Rosie Webster have been on the case with tracking down the person responsible for the stalking and eventually arrived at an address on an estate.

Rosie and Sophie met their cousin, Leah (Credit: ITV)

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They discovered a young girl named Leah who told them her stepmum was behind it all and she’d make it stop.

But when they went to visit and make sure the campaign was definitely going to end, Sophie and Rosie were shocked to see their auntie Gina, who claimed to have no idea about what had been happening to her sister.

As she told the girls how proud she was of Sally, Leah arrived and insisted Gina had done all those awful things, but it was as a result of her bipolar condition.

Gina had no memory of any of it and was horrified, insisting she’d never do anything like that to Sal.

But Leah was firm, she was the one behind it. A little too firm perhaps? Anyone else think Leah’s actually the one doing this and is trying to cover her tracks?

Rosie and Sophie agreed to keep the secret from their mum as long as Leah promised to make sure Gina didn’t do anything else at all to hurt Sally.

Leah wants to get Gina away from Sally quickly (Credit: ITV)

But next week, a guilty Gina turns up on the street and wants to tell Sally how sorry she is for all the hurt she’s caused.

However, Leah’s hot on her heels and bundles her away before she can say anything else. Sally can’t understand what on earth her sister’s talking about and wants answers.

Sally chases after her sister (Credit: ITV)

Deciding to visit her at home to ease her worry, Sally finds her address on the electoral register and turns up to see her sibling.

The house is in a state though, and Sal can’t quite believe her sister’s living like this. Leah’s uneasy as she’s forced to explain Gina has bipolar and that’s why things seem so bad.

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Sally’s shocked at the state of her sister’s house (Credit: ITV)

Feeling awful that she’s lost touch with her and wanting to make amends, Sally immediately invites Gina – and Leah – to come and stay with her in Weatherfield.

Unable to believe what their mum is planning, Sophie and Rosie try to talk her out of it, but will they reveal the truth about Gina supposedly being her stalker?

We’re pretty sure there’s more to this than Leah claims, but will Sally and her detective daughters get to the bottom of it once and for all?