Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert’s dark past threatens his relationship with Michelle

There's some stuff in his past that looks like it will come spilling out

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Looks like there’s trouble in store for Robert Preston next week as drug dealer, Rich, refuses to disappear back out of his life.

Robert REALLY doesn’t want Rich spilling the beans about his dark past (credit: ITV)

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Robert’s been shaken by Rich’s reappearance – and it’s obvious that there are some skeletons lurking around that he’d probably rather Michelle didn’t know about.

Things are already pretty tense between the two after Robert’s reaction to Michelle suggesting she buys Nick’s half of the Bistro.

Next week, Rich arrives back at the Bistro where a shaken Robert throws him out.

But, like a bad smell, Rich just won’t go away and Robert is unnerved even more when he spots Rich chatting to Michelle.

Later, he takes Robert aside and tells him that he has to launder money through the Bistro for him or else.

Robert quickly refuses to do any such thing, but Rich quickly threatens that he’ll reveal some stuff to Michelle if he doesn’t.

A very angry Robert responds by slamming Rich against a wall, warning him never to return.

But, somehow, we don’t think that will be the end of that.

Obviously, what he SHOULD do is just ‘fess up and tell Michelle the truth himself – but we can’t see that happening.

We don’t like where this is going (credit: ITV)

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Robert, if we have to see Michelle go through more heartache after losing her baby AND her husband, we might come and rough you up a bit ourselves.

You’ve been warned!

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