Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert loses everything?

He's not thinking things through, that's for sure

Things aren’t looking good for Coronation Street’s Robert Preston as he tries to deal with the vendetta against him and girlfriend Michelle.

Convinced there’s only one way he can sort this mess out, he takes a massive risk – one which could see him lose everything.

Following the firebomb attack on the Bistro and all of the vandalism, Robert’s sure his old friend Rich is behind it all.

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The police haven’t been able to pin the vendetta on Rich (Credit: ITV)

The drug dealer wants revenge after Robert set him up with the police and got him arrested. He vowed to make Robert pay and that seems to be exactly what he’s doing.

But when Rich comes up with a convincing alibi, Robert is left frustrated.

Meanwhile, there’s also pressure on him from Adam Barlow, the lawyer representing Chesney Brown who wants compensation over his stabbing. Another thing that was Rich’s fault.

Wanting to sort at least one problem out and stay in control, Robert offers Chesney £5000 compensation. But where’s he going to get that kind of money from?

“Robert can see that Chesney is suffering psychologically,” Tristan Gemmell explained to Inside Soap.

Robert takes a huge gamble on his future (Credit: ITV)

“Instead of haggling, Robert goes straight in with a cash offer. Michelle says she’ll help him out with the money, but he doesn’t want cash to get in the way of their relationship – so he decides to hit the casino again.”

Uh oh, that’s never a good idea where Robert’s concerned. Some of his biggest and baddest decisions have been made at the roulette table – remember when he bedded Carla Connor, destroying her relationship with Nick Tilsley?

“Robert has his flaws,” confessed Tristan. “And one of the things he’s done in the past to unwind is gamble.

“It’s less an addiction, more a bad habit, but it’s prompted him to make some unwise decisions when it comes to his financial future.”

Michelle can’t believe Robert is being so stupid (Credit: ITV)

Michelle obviously agrees with the latter part of that statement because it’s not long before she’s tracked her other half down and walks in on him making a massive bet.

She tells him how disappointed she is in him, but ultimately can’t persuade him to back off, so walks away leaving him to gamble with his entire future.

Will he win or lose? Has he just made the biggest mistake of his life?

When he returns home later to face the music, he’s horrified to see Michelle’s car has been vandalised.

Robert’s desperate not to make Michelle hate him any more (Credit: ITV)

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Robert quickly enlists Luke’s help to fix the car before his girlfriend notices, but as things begin spiralling out of control, he decides to pay Rich a visit.

Despite Rich denying all knowledge, Robert is convinced his old nemesis is behind it all. Is he too blind to see that someone else might be terrorising him and Michelle?

As Robert struggles to hold it together, will his obsession with punishing Rich see Robert lose everything?