Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan turns to God

It's a new life, it's a new day, and he's Phelan God

Word has reached us that one Patrick Phelan is about to turn to God of all people and confess his sins. We’re hoping God has blocked out a few hours in his planner, because this might take some time.

Hello God, it’s me, Phelan (Credit: ITV)

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Phelan’s got several not-so-pleasant skeletons in his closet in the shape of blackmailing Anna into sex, letting Michael die and seemingly killing poor Fake Gavin AKA Andy.

More recently, he’s been getting Seb Franklin involved in his dodgy schemes, although now Seb’s connected to Nicola as she’s his caseworker, Phelan seems to be keeping things on the straight and narrow and actually just employing Seb as his apprentice.

And…the results are in (Credit: ITV)

When a DNA test confirms that Nicola is indeed his kid, Pat goes on a one-man mission to put right all the wrongs he’s ever made.

As we said, this could take some time.

Phelan actually visits a church confessional to own up to his wrong doings and surprises everyone when he admits he deserves to be punished for his sins.

Is this confession really enough to atone all the bad stuff he’s done over the years?

Back in Weatherfield, Phelan, thinking his soul is cleansed after owning up to his wrong-doings, stands up Nicola.

Should really have had Jeremy Kyle doing these! (Credit: ITV)

Even though he suggests another meet-up time, she’s pretty annoyed by her dad’s behaviour.

Nicola Thorp who plays Nicola Rubenstein has told OK Online: “Anybody put in a situation where their entire life has just been turned upside down and found out their whole childhood was essentially a lie, I don’t think that’s going to sit well with the most angelic of personalities.

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“So we’ll have to see.”

Sounds like Nicola has a bit of a dark side of her own…!

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