Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan teams up with Faye Windass

We don't like this at all

We just know Pat Phelan is up to something dodgy with young Seb and now it looks like he’s moving in on Faye Windass.

With his teen right-hand man behind bars, Phelan’s keen to keep Seb and girlfriend Faye in contact – but why?

Seb’s been locked inside a Young Offenders unit ever since he beat up Faye’s baby daddy, Jackson. But the vicious assault didn’t seem to put Faye off her boyfriend and she’s more keen than ever to keep seeing him.

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Her mum, Anna, is not happy about that though and thinks that with Seb behind bars she’s finally got him out of her daughter’s life. Faye herself has assured her mum that she’s cut all ties with her violent beau.

But secretly, they’re still in touch and Faye’s even planning visits to him.

How is she managing to get inside a prison on her own? Phelan’s helping her, of course.

Next week, Faye calls Phelan to get him to help her arrange another visit and makes sure Anna doesn’t clock on to what she’s planning – or who she’s planning it with.

Phelan’s only too happy to oblige and help Faye go behind Anna’s back, anything to get at the woman he thinks ruined his life.

As he gets Faye into the visiting room, she’s thrilled to be reunited with Seb. She promises him she’ll stand by him no matter what, and vows to wait for him while he serves his time.

Faye’s upset to have to leave him at the end of their time, but Phelan assures her he’ll continue to take her to visit Seb. We can’t really understand why he’s so bothered though?

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Surely if it was to wind Anna up, he’d want Anna to know about it and not keep it a secret – is he bidding his time before he maliciously spills the beans?

Or does he want to keep Seb sweet for some reason? We’ve seen Seb do Phelan’s bidding before he went inside, so does he know something about Phelan that he needs to keep hidden?

Rumours have been circulating that Seb is in fact Phelan’s grandson.

Phelan’s secret daughter, Nicole, is set to turn up on the street soon, and some reports have suggested she’s Seb’s mother.

While Corrie haven’t made any comment on these rumours, could this be the reason Phelan feels so drawn to the youngster?