Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan lines up TWO new victims

Which Weatherfield residents are in danger from the killer now?

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He’s got rid of Michael Rodwell and Andy Carver, and now Coronation Street killer Pat Phelan is turning his attentions to some new victims.

And just when we thought he couldn’t get any worse, he shows he really does have no scruples with his latest targets…

It all starts when young Faye Windass’s no-good boyfriend Seb swipes a power tool from Phelan’s back yard.

Big mistake. Big, big mistake.

Phelan spots the kids out of an upstairs window and soon catches up with them.

Faye is horrified she’s got herself into so much touble and with her mum’s arch enemy no less as Phelan orders them back to his place.

Eileen’s fully in favour of calling the police on the thieving toerags, but her new husband’s got another idea in mind.

He suggests that Seb help him out with a few little jobs.

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Faye’s relieved they seem to have got away with it, but we all know what happens when you become Phelan’s lacky – just ask Andy. Oh, that’s right, we can’t because Phelan’s killed him!

In quite gruesome scenes last month Phelan murdered Andy by smashing his victim over the head with a laptop.

Steph thinks her boyfriend has left her and gone to Bristol instead of heading off to Portugal to start a new life with her.

Meanwhile, Phelan loaded Andy’s belongings into his van and dumped them.

With all his bases covered, Phelan thinks he’s in the clear, but now he’s roping someone else into his dodgy dealings, will he be forced to kill again to keep his murderous secret?

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As Seb gets to work on his first day with the builder baddie, they’re actually doing a legal job, ripping out the Barlows’ kitchen.

But when Phelan catches his new employee swiping war medals from the house, he orders the young thief to put them back, reminding him who’s in charge.

Is Seb in danger? And does that mean Faye’s in trouble too?

Is Phelan really capable of hurting a couple of kids?